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Image of a smiling team member: The front desk is the face of your dental practice

The Face of Your Practice

Front Desk Team Members Whenever one thinks about the way a doctor’s office should be run, they should compare it to the parts of a body. If the doctors and medical staff are the hands, and the billing coordinator is the brain, then the front desk is undoubtedly the face. The front desk position is a vital aspect of any …

Image of a dental team. Do you give written notices to your patients?

Dental Negligence – Are you covering your tracks?

Written notification of Periodontal Disease is essential for every Dental Hygiene Program. Make sure your entire team understands that informed refusal is just as important as informed consent. The main function of informed consent is to protect the patient’s right to self-determination of whether or not to accept the treatment proposed. The dentist and hygienist …