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Photo: Surface disinfectant are you using it correctly?

Is your surface disinfectant safe and are you using it right?

Surface disinfectant: Hands down this is the least understood area in a dental office. Understand the proper steps to use from ventilation to PPE, each area contains risky outcomes. The labels change often and include vital information, such as the exposure time to kill viruses and bacteria. A recent survey showed that when clinicians were …

Image of a dental team. Do you give written notices to your patients?

Dental Negligence – Are you covering your tracks?

Written notification of Periodontal Disease is essential for every Dental Hygiene Program. Make sure your entire team understands that informed refusal is just as important as informed consent. The main function of informed consent is to protect the patient’s right to self-determination of whether or not to accept the treatment proposed. The dentist and hygienist …