For Dental professionals with an aptitude for Coaching and Consulting

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Clarity of Vision, Up-leveled Mindset, Confidence, Branding, and Image Savvy.

Topics to be covered in-depth, include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Defining Business Vision: Clarify the Focus of your Business and Refine your Message.
  2. Goals: Where do you want to be in One year, Five years, and Ten years. We will define and set your business goals.
  3. Branding and Image: We will look at colors, logos, and fonts. This is important as Marketing is built around your Brand. “You must love your branding as it is a direct representation of your business” MFD.
  4. Marketing: Cover the following and more: Social Media, Website, One Page and more – making all cohesive with branding.
  5. Mindset: Work through any doubts and build confidence. Your will be introduced to work-arounds for integral parts of running your business that you’re not comfortable with.
  6. Network: Building your network and referral sources.
  7. Passive Income: Develop ways to leverage your business tools and provide passive income. You will have a plan and directions for implementation.
  8. Accountability: Phone Calls, Skype or Facetime Calls, and emails to address the following, and more:
    • Most urgent concerns and any pain points
    • Review goals, timelines, and where you are with implementation.
    • Answer questions

If you question whether you are ready to jump in with both feet to coach or consult, reach out to Mary; She has an assessment that will give you a great insight. This is a no-charge phone call, assessment.
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“Mary’s coaching has been essential in growing my business. She has worked with me to set measurable and attainable goals for my consulting practice. Her coaching is strategic and custom to meet my needs. Mary has shared with me her knowledge and has provided me with the tools I needed to best serve my clients. She has proven to be an instrumental leader and coach in the dental industry. I’m so incredibly thankful for her guidance and friendship.”

Becky Moser

RLM Dental Practice
Coaching and Consulting
John Maxwell Leadership
Certified Trainer, Speaker, & Coach