Solutions – Results

Team and Practice

  • Optimized Team Structure with Clear Job Descriptions.
  • Systems for Team Communication and Team Harmony.
  • Empowered Team with Phone and Verbiage training.
  • Happy Patients who, Love Your Practice and Refer Family, Friends, and Co-Workers.
  • Reduced Down time with customized, user friendly Operations Manual for each position in your practice.
  • Optimized Scheduling and maximized patient chair time
  • Optimized Coding for quick claims reimbursement

Increased Efficiency and Profit

  • More Profit and Less Stress with Systems to Increase Efficiency.
  • Increased Practice Revenue with clear Financial Policies and Procedures in place.
  • Healthy, Balanced Overhead with systems to monitor the top expenses in your practice.
  • Clear Financial and Insurance Policies and Procedures will be implemented to prevent Revenue from falling through the cracks.
  • Internal Marketing Systems; Developed, Implemented, and Optimized
  • Improved Patient Communications; resulting in fewer broken appointments and less time spent making confirmation calls.
  • Minimized Risk Exposure with optimized Compliance Systems
  • Increased Treatment Acceptance of recommended treatment

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