Photo of dental equipment. Do you know the difference in order to answer your patients' questions?

Do You Know the Difference?

What is the difference… between a regular cleaning, scaling and root planing, and periodontal maintenance?  Do you know how to answer your patients when they ask this question? We all have been faced with the WHY question when a patient is told they need more than their “free” cleaning and when asked come back for a periodontal maintenance appointment.  What is the best way to explain this to your patients?

If your staff needs recommendations on how to answer questions like these, we would be more than happy to help you.  Contact us as

Donna Jackson,RDH

Dental Business Coach


A successful practice balances the rules of thumb in dentistry with its own unique practice culture and needs. We love to serve our clients by helping them strike the right balance!
When you and your team communicate well and are on the same page, your office is more efficient. You and your team are motivated. Your patients love their visits and refer their family and friends!

We want to help you find the relief that comes when you know that your practice finances, insurance policies and accounts are in order—when concerns about compliance issues (OSHA, HIPPA, etc.) are a thing of the past.
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