Photo: Surface disinfectant are you using it correctly?

Is your surface disinfectant safe and are you using it right?

Surface disinfectant: Hands down this is the least understood area in a dental office.

Understand the proper steps to use from ventilation to PPE, each area contains risky outcomes. The labels change often and include vital information, such as the exposure time to kill viruses and bacteria.

A recent survey showed that when clinicians were asked if they were reading the label on the disinfectant being used, 92% said NO or that they only read if it is a new product.
When asked the minimum number of wipes it takes to clean a room nearly 25% stated they did not know.

Review the two-step process with your staff! Explain the importance of clean, toss, new wipe, disinfect. You must first clean, then disinfect! Using a one step process can spread debris rather than kill the germs.
Also a confusion about alcohol content… It is important to note that if your product has too high an alcohol content it will not clean well and will dissipate very quickly.

Know your products and there proper usage. Safety is important to both the patient and the clinician. Proper ventilation is also a key concern. If using aerosol products masks should be provided and worn! Surveys show only 79% of clinicians wear masks when using these products.

Disinfectants are made to kill microorganisms and are not safe for human contact! Gloves and a mask should be worn when cleaning an operatory.

Understanding the use of surface disinfectants in the dental setting is vital and a real chance to make a difference.

-Donna Jackson, RDH
Dental Business Consultant

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