Mary has served the dental industry for more than thirty years. She is an Author, Educator, Transition Adviser and Coach. Mary is the Author of “The Dental Business; a Blueprint for Success”, where she provides Tools, Resources and Solutions for Dental Practice Owners and Office Managers. She is the founder of The Dental Business®, Bites and Business, and Legacy Dental Coach.

Mary launched Legacy Dental Coach after realizing that whether buying or selling a dental practice, most dentists are under-prepared and under-represented when making the most important decisions of their career. She has witnessed how lack of preparation and representation can be devastating on either side of a practice transition.

Buyer’s Rep.

Mary helps young dentists successfully navigate the purchase of a dental practice. In this she assists with due diligence, fields calls, emails, and texts to and from attorneys, CPA’s, lenders and brokers involved in a practice transition. She provides much needed guidance throughout the process.

As every practice is different and no two teams are the same, it’s unlikely that two philosophies will be the same. There will always be variables. Having a personal transition advisor who understands the ins and outs of dental practice transitions will give you a huge advantage in the purchase process.

Seller’s Rep.

Mary helps dentists prepare to transition their practice. She knows what to do to protect the value of a Dental practice and the owner’s Legacy.

Unfortunately, most practicing dentists wait too long to begin preparing for the eventual sale and transition of their practice, resulting in disappointing offers and little control over the transition of their practice. Mary can make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Through many years of practice management and transition consulting, Mary has the knowledge dentists need to have peace of mind before and during their transition. Her clients know she has their back.

Mary’s passion for empowering dental professionals led to the founding of Bite and Business: High-value, content filled educational events featuring panels of industry experts; providing CE, amazing food, and fun.

Allow Mary to educate, inspire and empower you to have the career you desire and leave the legacy you deserve.