Mary has served the dental industry for more than thirty years. She is an Author, Educator, Transition Advisor, and Coach.

Mary is the author of “The Dental Business: A Blueprint for Success.” She is the founder of The Dental Business® under which she has two businesses: Bites and Business, and Legacy Dental Coach. 

Mary launched Legacy Dental Coach after realizing that whether buying or selling a dental practice, dentists are under-prepared and under-represented while making the most important decisions of their career.

Dentists need to have peace of mind when choosing an advisor for their practice transition. Through years of experience working as a practice management consultant, as well as a transition advisor and broker, Mary gained extensive knowledge. She has the insight and experience dentists need to feel well represented through their transition.

As Transition Advisor Mary serves as Buyer’s Rep or as a Seller’s Rep. She does not offer dual representation. 

  • As a buyer’s representative, Mary helps dentists navigate the purchase of a dental practice. She assists clients through the practice search, first look, review of practice data, search for financing, offer to purchase, due diligence, the practice purchase agreement review and through closing. 
  • As a seller’s representative, Mary helps dentists who are preparing to sell their practice. She assists clients as they prepare to list the practice and provides advice and needed resources throughout the transition process. Mary understands the weight of every decision surrounding a practice transition and holds her client’s hands while also having their back. 

Mary has surrounded herself with professionals of integrity, who are dental-specific in the practice of law, accounting, lending, financial planning, tax strategies and more. She has relationships with the professionals her clients need.

Mary’s passion for empowering dental professionals led to the founding of Bites and Business educational events: High value content-filled CE events featuring some of dentistry’s leading experts. Seated as a panel, the experts provide tools and solutions for issues faced by dentist practices in today’s ever changing landscape. 

If you would like to speak with Mary about her services, please email