3dbook_dentalbusiness_homepageThe Dental Business: A Blueprint for Success: Tools, Resources and Solutions for Dental Practice Owners and Managers

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“You applied to dental school to become a Dentist. Being a business manager was not likely on your radar. That’s where we come in. We provide dentists with the tools and support to achieve results quickly, so you can enjoy practicing dentistry and your life!”


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 Comprehensive Practice Assessment

Your comprehensive Practice Assessment will include:

  • A Practice Potential Analysis
  • Review of scheduling procedures
  • Review of patient experience from the initial phone call to leaving the practice after treatment
  • Review of financial and insurance policies
  • Review of delinquent accounts and collections protocol
  • Thorough review of your Practice Overhead
  • Review of risk management potential and compliance protocols
  • One day of on-site analysis and consultation with a management specialist/coach
  • A written report detailing our our findings with recommendations and tools to assist in implementation
  • A conference call with Mary to review the report findings, answer questions and discuss strategies to make your practice even more efficient and profitable

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Downloadable Forms




Customizable forms to help increase efficiency and productivity in your Practice.

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30 Minute or 1 Hour Phone Consultation with Mary

One-on-One Phone Consultation with Mary Fisher-Day, practice management consultant/coach, transition consultant and founder of The Dental Business ™

Mary offers a one on one phone consultation for Practices in crisis who are not ready to invest the time or money it takes to implement our in-office consulting program.

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