Phenomenal Results You Will See From Working
With Our Coaches

Goals and Team

  • Optimized Team Structure with Clear Job Descriptions.
  • Empowered Team with Phone and Verbiage training.
  • Happy Patients who Love Your Practice and refer family, friends, and co-workers.
  • Expert Scheduling to practice goals.
  • Attainable Goals with tools to reach them.
  • Patient Communication Systems; streamlined communication processes and increased confirmations.
  • Team Communication Systems will bring your team together. *Watch as your team bonds and works together like never before.
  • Your Team will be Motivated and Enjoy coming to work each day and you will enjoy working with them.


Increase Efficiency and Profit

  • Increased Practice Revenue, clear Financial Policies and Procedures.
  • Healthy, Balanced Overhead and tools to maintain it.
  • Insurance Policies and Procedures implemented to prevent Revenue from falling through the cracks.
  • Internal Marketing Systems; Developed, Implemented, and Optimized
  • Your practice will run with more Efficiency. This will become evident as you see an Increase in Profit and a Decrease in Stress Levels.
  • Delinquent Accounts will decrease or cease to exist. Systems will be put in place to prevent accounts from becoming past due.
  • Concerns about Compliance (OSHA, HIPAA, etc…) will become a thing of the past. Systems will be put into place to minimize Risk and ascertain Compliance.
  • Internal Marketing Systems will be put into place and optimized. You and your team will enjoy learning new and inexpensive ways to market from the inside-out.
  • You will have an Emergency Exit Strategy. If circumstances arise that leave you disabled or worse, you will have a strategy in place for your practice. This will alleviate much of the stress on those who are left in charge of your estate as they will know what to do for you and when.



  • Optimized Hygiene Schedule and Maximized patient chair time.
  • Periodontal Program Protocol Implementation and/or Review.
  • Standard of Care Protocol clear, concise and in writing.
  • Increased patient acceptance of proposed hygiene and restorative treatment.
  • Efficient and Automated Re-care system.
  • Elevated verbal skills.
  • Reduction in no shows/cancellations.
  • Improved Coding.
  • Increased Hygiene Revenue.

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