Mary Fisher-Day coaches dentists and their teams

In the following interview, Mary answers questions about her career in dentistry, how The Dental Business came to be and the services she offers:

How long have you been in Dentistry and how did you become a Practice Management and Transitions Expert?

I’ve worked in dentistry for thirty years. Wow, it sure doesn’t seem that long! During the first 17 years, I worked as an Assistant, Scheduling and Financial Coordinator and Office Manager. Due to circumstances beyond my control, we moved a lot during those years. However, this gave me an opportunity to experience different practices and see that there is more than one way to do things.

In the late 90’s I trained with a Dental Practice Management and Transition Group. I knew that with my love for dentistry and the knowledge I had gained of both the clinical and business side of the industry, coaching dentists and their teams to success was what I was meant to do.

I worked with the large management company until they decided to concentrate on a different area of dentistry. Due to my love of Practice Management Coaching, I opted not to change my focus. Instead, I started The Dental Business, where I coach dentists and their teams on the daily challenges they face in the business side of dentistry.

Who are your clients exactly?

My clients are dentists who desire efficient, productive and profitable practices. They want a happy patient base that will gladly refer friends, family and co-workers to them. They want to enjoy going to work each day, have a great team they love working with and have time away from work without worrying about how the bills will be paid.

How are you different from other consultants or coaches?

With 17 years of experience working in a dental office and more than 15 years as a Practice Management Consultant, I have seen amazing changes in dentistry. Having moved often in the early years of my career allowed me to experience a variety of practice cultures and gave me clear insight in to the fact that what works for one practice may not work for another. At the same time, there are common denominators and rules of thumb for the dental industry. Finding a good balance between the two is something I’m good at and has served my clients well.

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