Mary is an Author, Educator, and Dental Practice Transition Advisor. She has served the dental industry for more than thirty-five years. Her experience includes positions in clinical dentistry, management, practice management consulting and practice brokerage. She is author of “The Dental Business; a Blueprint for Success” (first and second editions) and founder of The Dental Business and Legacy Dental Coach

Mary realized the need for Legacy Dental Coach (a personal transition advisor) while working as a dental practice broker. She learned that most dentists are under-prepared and under-represented when making the most important decisions of their career: buying or selling a dental practice. 

As a buyer’s representative Mary represents dentists prior to and during the purchase of a practice. Dentists too often regret their practice purchase and without exception the cause is a lack of due diligence. A thorough due diligence can only be completed by someone who knows what to look for, how and where to find it, what the information means and whether the information is correct. Additionally, discussions regarding whether the practice is in line with the goals of the purchaser are of utmost importance.

Mary Fisher-Day is a Dental Transition Advisor

Mary’s experience, and knowledge are exactly what is needed for thorough due diligence. She also provides communication assistance with the attorneys, CPA’s, lenders, and brokers involved in a practice transition prior to the offer to purchase and throughout the transition. 

Every dental practice is unique and no two dental teams are identical. It’s unlikely that two dentists will have identical clinical and managerial philosophies. It’s important to identify vast differences during the due diligence process. Having a personal transition advisor like Mary, who understands the inner workings of a dental practice, dental practice management, and transitions provides an enormous advantage here. 

Mary’s clients receive clarity, reduce stress, save money, and feel good about their practice purchase. 

As a seller’s representative, Mary helps dentists prepare for the sale of their practice. She sees it is an essential step in preparation for retirement. 

When dentists wait too long to prepare for the transition of their practice, they receive low offers to purchase and are faced with lack of control over the sale of their practice.  

Mary helps dentists prepare for the sale of their practice and establish an emergency exit strategy; necessary steps to protect the value of the practice, establish control over the practice transition and protect the Legacy of the Dentist/Practice Owner.

When a decision is made to sale the practice, Mary assists dentists throughout the transition process.  Clients experience more control over the transition, less stress, higher sales price and a Legacy to be proud of.