Preparing Your Dental Future, featuring Mary Fisher-Day & Dilaine Gloege

Preparing Your Dental Future, featuring Mary Fisher-Day & Dilaine Gloege Audio – 30 MB

In this episode, Anne Duffy is joined by Mary Fisher-Day & Dilaine Gloege. Mary Fisher-Day is the owner and CEO of “The Dental Business,” a company whose mission is to help dentists who are purchasing a new practice to be happy about what they’re purchasing, and to help dentists who are selling their practice to protect themselves. Dilaine Gloege is the CEO and founder of Tidewater Consulting Services; her passion is educating dentists & dental teams about proper coding, insurance, and compliance.

The ladies discuss some of the difficulties that dentists face when they’re attempting to sell or purchase a practice, as well as sage advice on the topic. They explain why it’s never too early to start forming a strategy to sell one’s dental practice. They additionally talk about nurturing the team that comes with purchasing a dental practice, and the importance of investing in these individuals.

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