Providing dentists with peace of mind throughout the purchase process and beyond.

I recognize that dental practices are as unique as the clinical and managerial philosophies of the practice owners. 

The experience and knowledge gleaned from working clinically, as a practice management consultant and a transition consultant provided my clients with a significant advantage in determining whether a practice aligns with their goals.

With my assistance, clients are less stressed, experience clarity, and cost savings, and feel good about their practice purchase.

While it is best to engage my services prior to making an offer to purchase, it is not a prerequisite IF the offer is non-binding. 

Here’s what you can expect when working with me: 

When engaged prior to the Offer-to-Purchase:

  • Clients will be provided with vetted resources for Lenders, Accountants, and Legal Counsel.
  • A request will be made for copies of Financial Documents
  • Practice Management Reports (Production, Collections, Adjustments, A/R, Insurance Mix, Fee Schedule, Active Patients), the Lease, or a Real estate appraisal, and more as needed. 
  • A thorough review of all collected information.
  • An in-depth cash flow analysis.
  • Strategic discussions as to whether the practice is the right fit for the buyer, and recommendations for the offer to purchase (if one is to be made). 

When engaged after an Offer-to-Purchase has been accepted I will request the documents listed above in addition to those listed below and more as needed. 

More of what to expect:

Following the acceptance of an offer to purchase there is typically a finite amount of time allotted for Due Diligence. 

  • Requests will be made for necessary Employee data, a list of leased equipment, and additional Practice Management Reports (In-network insurance fee schedules, A/R report, New Patient numbers report, Patient analysis, and demographic report, to name a few). 
  • More detailed Financial Reports.
  • The Client will be provided with an extended list of valuable resources for various professional services such as insurance brokers, Financial Advisors, Website and Marketing professionals, Payroll Services, and Merchant Services as needed. 

It is impossible to provide a count for the number of hours that I spend in communication with the parties involved in a practice transition. Phone calls, emails, texts, and messenger communication with my client, the seller’s Broker, Lenders, Attorneys, CPAs, Insurance Brokers, and more are essential to the success of the transition. As are the number of hours spent reviewing documents and reports. 

* It’s worth noting that most purchasers evaluate between one and three practices, and the processes are repeated for each practice.

My dedication stems from the belief that dentists shouldn’t make career-defining decisions with incomplete information. By ensuring a comprehensive understanding of what they are acquiring, the new practice owner will have peace of mind and be on the path to success from day one.

My clients have reduced stress, experience clarity, cost savings, and feel good about their practice purchase.