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Rebekkah Merrell DMD

“Hiring Mary as my buyer's consultant is one of the smartest things I've ever done!

Without Mary's guidance, I would have made several big mistakes. I potentially would be in a miserable situation and in way over my head. Thankfully, Mary helped me purchase my own practice that I love and look forward to going to work every day.

I'm so glad I had not just any buyer's consultant, but Mary Fisher-Day!”

Susan Buckland DDS

"I highly recommend Mary Fisher-Day!

With Mary’s expert knowledge and guidance, I was able to sell my dental practice in six months. During the sale, there were many twists and turns. Mary easily navigated the changes and at every crucial moment she was there to represent me.

I could not have found anyone who works harder or cares more than Mary."

The Dental Business: A Blueprint for Success

The Dental Business; A Blueprint for Success provides essential systems and strategies for a successful practice. Included are tools for every stage of your practice and career alike.

Whether you are purchasing a Dental Practice, selling a Dental Practice or somewhere in-between, this book provides you with the Tools, Resources and Solutions necessary for a Successful Dental Business.

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The Dental Business: A Blueprint for Success

Practice Valuation

A Practice Valuation (appraisal) provides a dental practice owner with the market value of their practice.
It is an essential tool for dental practice owners when developing an emergency exit strategy and planning for retirement, for protecting the value of their practice, having control over the sale their practice, and protecting their legacy.

It is our belief that every dental practice should have a base line valuation and have it updated every three to five years.

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Practice Valuation

Emergency Exit Plan

We have heard the question posed: I have invested well and have good life insurance, why do I need an Emergency exit plan?

This is a great question, and the answer relates to something most dentists do not consider: In not having an emergency exit strategy, you are throwing away another life insurance policy; the value of your practice. In addition, and most importantly, you place your family and your team in the position of making decisions for which they are not prepared, and at the most vulnerable of times, while they are mourning your death.

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Emergency Exit Plan

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Preparing Your Dental Future, featuring Mary Fisher-Day & Dilaine Gloege

Preparing Your Dental Future, featuring Mary Fisher-Day & Dilaine Gloege Audio – 30 MB In this episode, Anne Duffy is joined by Mary Fisher-Day & Dilaine Gloege. Mary Fisher-Day is the owner and CEO of “The Dental Business,” a company whose mission is to help dentists who are purchasing a new practice to be happy …

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