A Practice Valuation (appraisal) provides a dental practice owner with the market value of their practice.
It is an essential tool for dental practice owners when developing an emergency exit strategy and planning for retirement, for protecting the value of their practice, having control over the sale their practice, and protecting their legacy.

It is our belief that every dental practice should have a base line valuation and have it updated every three to five years.

A valuation is a lifeline for the immediate family of a dental practice owner who unexpectedly dies. It’s impossible for loved ones in mourning to have the presence of mind to find all documentation needed for a valuation, and make all the decisions necessary to transition the practice in time to protect the value of the practice.

As the value of a dental practice tends to drop ten to fifteen percent per week when the owner dies, it’s essential to have a valuation available to begin the process of selling the practice immediately.