What Will Your Legacy Be?

Helping Dentists Control their future and their Legacy

Mary provides Knowledge, Resources and Strategies empowering Dentists when making the most important decisions of their Career. Her expertise and guidance help clients successfully navigate their practice transition.

Whether you are buying or selling a dental practice, you position yourself for success by having an Advisor with vast knowledge and experience in Dental Practice Transitions AND Dental Practice Management.

Mary is passionate about seeing her clients navigate practice transitions on their terms and make decisions they feel good about at closing and beyond.

“Your Success is My Priority!”

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What Will Your Legacy Be?

Have you thought about it? Whether you are retiring next year or in the next thirty years, you have crucial decisions to make now if you if you want to transition your practice on YOUR TERMS.

Plan for your Future

1. What happens to your practice, your patients, your team and your family if you become disabled or die? An emergency exit plan is crucial for dentists/practice owners. Emergencies happen and the value of a dental practice falls 5-10 percent per week when a dentist becomes disabled or dies. A plan is essential to protect practice assets, your goodwill and your legacy.

2. What do you want the remainder of your career in dentistry to look like? When do you want to retire? The decisions you make now (good or bad) will impact the value of your practice and determine how you transition out of dentistry. Decisions of this magnitude should not be put off or made without expert guidance. There is too much at stake, including whether you transition or retire on your terms.

3. Is your overhead stable and in line with industry standards? Are your systems and team structure efficient and effective? Do you know the potential of your practice? Mary can provide tools, resources, and solutions that will set you up for success. She will listen to your goals, and work with you and your team to help you achieve desired results.

Mary’s experience in both practice management and transitions has saved clients time, money and headaches.

Whether you’re still going strong or want to slow down and enjoy life a little more, Mary can help you have the most prosperous years of your career.

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