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Dr. Richard Pockat

“Mary has listened to what my goals are, rather than superimposing her own goals, typical of many consultants. She has quickly and efficiently gotten my staffing needs adjusted to suit the needs of my specialty office. Mary is attentive to details and is willing to stay on top of everything that is asked of her.”

Dr. David Christenbery

“Mary has consulted with my office for several years. She truly knows all aspects of running a Dental Practice. She has helped me acquire and retain a great staff and helped with the complex problems of managing the dental business. The bottom line is with her help my staff and I work as a team with less stress and more profit. It has made it enjoyable to go to work.”

Dr.’s Doug & Cathy Smith

“With Mary’s help we have fine-tuned our business office and have collections consistently at 98% or above. Our recall percentage is well above the norm and our Hygiene department is more efficient and productive than we ever thought it could be.

Before hiring Mary, we had no idea where our overhead stood. We knew something was out of whack but didn’t know where to begin to find the problem. Mary evaluated our overhead, pointed out areas that were in line and areas that needed work. With her help we now have systems in place to monitor our overhead and have the knowledge and tools to keep it in line.

It’s nice to have a competent, dependable Consultant who listens and will tailor Management for the individual needs of the practice.”

Dr. Lindsay Moore

“Mary is awesome to work with! Immediately I felt as if I was speaking with someone who is genuinely concerned with my success as a professional. She very quickly pointed out my weak areas and made me take immediate action. Not only does she look out for the profitability of the practice, she coaches me into being a better leader and boss.

Unfortunately, Mary wasn’t a part of my transition from associateship to ownership. However, she has helped me immensely with transitioning from the friendly associate to an encouraged leader.

Before Mary, I was managed by a firm that wasn’t benefiting me from a financial perspective. I brought Mary on at the end of February, and immediately she pointed out and implemented changes to reduce my overhead. Her strategy for hygiene productivity and recalls has made our hygiene department much more efficient and profitable.

Mary came highly recommended to me by a great friend and colleague and she is fantastic!! My only regret is that I didn’t hire her sooner!”

Dr. Margaret Lunn

“Mary has been a wonderful addition to our Practice. She has helped us increase our revenue and become more profitable. Mary does an excellent job of identifying and using individual strengths to create a positive working environment. As a team, our staff has become more productive while creating a warm atmosphere for our patients.”

Dr. Tahir Khan

“I wanted to thank you for being a constant source of inspiration and a role model.”

Dr. & Mrs. Ed Wall

“Our office hired Mary and her team at The Dental Business last year and we couldn’t have been more pleased with their services. They requested a packet of information about our office prior to coming so they were prepared upon arrival. Genise came to the office and spent a day with us sharing her thoughts and suggestions. They not only gave us great advice about how to get the maximum benefits from patients, but also helped us with making sure we are Hipaa compliant and OSHA compliant. Mary then had a conference call with the doctor and me and went over all their recommendations. Results: Last year was our best year EVER! Thank you so much to Mary and her amazing team for opening our eyes to big and little things we could do to make our office better and more compliant!”

Dr. James Richardson

“Hiring Mary as my Dental Consultant was the best thing I ever did for my Practice. She helped me reach 5 and 10 year goals in less than 2 years. Her ability to evaluate my Practice, find the problem areas and address those areas with results, in a very short period of time, amazed me. I actually have a life outside the office and the financial freedom I hoped to have 10 years from now.”

Dr. Doug Cottingham

“If anyone is looking to improve or purchase a practice, I strongly recommend Mary Fisher-Day. She works extremely hard to make sure your practice is successful and truly cares about you going forward. I’m a former accountant, so I speak from a strong business background. I cannot speak highly enough of her.”