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Photo of a morning huddle

Morning Huddles: The Key to a Productive and Profitable Day

Morning huddles are as important to a dental team as sideline huddles are to a football team. If you want your team to be on the same page you must communicate. The most important communication of the day, if done correctly, is your morning huddle. There are several things you should accomplish in a 10 …

Photo of a dentist .. does he need a valuation for his practice?

Do You Really Need a Dental Practice Valuation?

Do you really need a dental practice valuation? Yes, and for the same reasons you have disability and life insurance…to protect your family. In the event of Practice owner’s death, the practice value decreases an average of 5% per week and 50% of practices go unsold when the owner dies unexpectedly. A thorough practice valuation …

Image of sign about retirement. Is your dental practice ready for this sort of transition?

Your Dental Practice … What’s Around the Corner?

If you’re planning to sell your dental practice in five years or less, here’s what you should know! Do update office décor (if it hasn’t been done in the last five years). Don’t add on to your office unless you have less than three treatment rooms. Do discuss your plans with your accountant. Don’t tell …