In this series of The Dental Business Videos Mary shares ideas, tips and strategies for your Practice!

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What’s your biggest pain point? This Panel will provide a solution!

People will forget what you said and people will forget what you did. People will never forget how…

I’ve recently learned that young dentists are using this book to write their business plans!

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Best Practices, Strategies and Tools for Dental Practices

Mary films these short, yet informative videos while driving around the beautiful Charlotte, NC area. These clips are unedited and illustrate the kind of ideas you can put into play at your Practice immediately!! They are a good reminder that sometimes the simpler the idea the better and often you’ll have these brainstorms in the most unlikely times and places .. such as while driving around doing errands! Do you have questions or comments about these videos? Have an idea for Mary to talk about? Contact us today and maybe your idea will appear in an upcoming video!! Do you have videos of your own that are similar or contain great ideas or strategies? Feel free to share them with us as well. Mary loves to hear from her clients and see what kind of ideas and inspiration they are putting to use in their practices!!