The Dental Business: A Blueprint for Success: Tools, Resources and Solutions for Dental Practice Owners and Managers


“There is not a school in the country that shouldn’t make this mandatory reading! Your book is truly a must, step-by-step, don’t leave anything out or up to the imagination, informative and important guide!” – Dr. Betty Orr

The Dental Business; A Blueprint for Success provides essential systems and strategies for a successful practice. Included are tools for every stage of your practice and career alike. By implementing the systems provided,  you will achieve results that normally take years, in a very short period of time.


Whether you are thinking of Purchasing a Dental Practice, a current Practice Owner or a Manager, this book provides you with the Tools, Resources, and Solutions necessary for a Successful Dental Business. 

The Dental Business; A Blueprint for Success will show you how to build your team and a successful dental practice.

“I highly recommend this book to every new dental business owner and for dentists that have been in practice for a while and might be out of touch with new standards and expectations. I will certainly be referring to this as we move forward in the next phase of our career.”  – Tiffany Deaton, DMD

“You really can have the successful practice you desire; enjoy going to work each day, have a patient base that happily refers to you and enjoy worry-free time away from the office.” – Mary Fisher-Day

“Hiring Mary as my Dental Consultant was the best thing I ever did for my Practice. She helped me reach 5 and 10 year goals in less than 2 years. Her ability to evaluate my Practice, find the problem areas and address those areas with results, in a very short period of time, amazed me. I actually have a life outside the office and the financial freedom I hoped to have 10 years from now.” –Dr. James Richardson

Before hiring Mary, we had no idea where our overhead stood. We knew something was out of whack but didn’t know where to begin to find the problem. Mary evaluated our overhead, pointed out areas that were in line and areas that needed work. With her help we now have systems in place to monitor our overhead and have the knowledge and tools to keep it in line. In addition, we have fine-tuned our business office and have collections consistently at 98% or above. Our recall percentage is well above the norm and our Hygiene department is more efficient and productive than we ever thought it could be. It’s nice to have a competent, dependable Consultant who listens and will tailor Management for the individual needs of the practice.” – Doctors Doug and Cathy Smith

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