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Photo of a team member: She knows that Oral cancer exams are important

Oral Cancer… Is your team educated on the fastest growing cancer in the US?

In North America someone dies every hour of everyday from Oral Cancer. Yet, according to the National Cancer Institute only 20% of the US population receive Oral Cancer exams. The ADA recommends Oral Cancer Screenings be performed annually on every patient over the age of 17. Although tobacco and alcohol use are still primary causes …

Image of a caution banner. Are your truly risk free?

Are you Risk Free?

As a Dental Practice Owner, do you ever wonder if you are “Really” in compliance? Are you ever afraid that someone from OSHA or the Radiation Compliance Inspector’s office will show up unexpectedly for an audit?Ā  Or are you frightened that the Office of Civil Rights, (OCR from the Inspector General’s Office), will come in …