Image of a caution banner. Are your truly risk free?

Are you Risk Free?

As a Dental Practice Owner, do you ever wonder if you are “Really” in compliance?

Are you ever afraid that someone from OSHA or the Radiation Compliance Inspector’s office will show up unexpectedly for an audit?  Or are you frightened that the Office of Civil Rights, (OCR from the Inspector General’s Office), will come in to do a HIPAA compliance audit? Leaving you with a list of items to correct and a hefty fine!

Do you ever wonder if your patient chart documentation is thorough and complete?  If you were called before the State Board and asked to provide documentation to defend yourself against a complaint; do you know what would happen? Would you be able to provide necessary documentation?

When your team is properly trained, and you have procedures in place to ascertain your compliance systems and protocols are followed, you don’t have to worry!

Risk Management control is a rarely discussed, but is a real part of dental practice ownership.

Are you risk free?

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