The Benefits of Practicing Dentistry in a Small Town

Did you know that people living in rural small towns often drive more than an hour to see a dentist?

The Federal Government and many states offer incentive programs for dentists who agree to
practice in high-need areas. When taken advantage of the programs reduce student loan debt significantly. In instances where loan forgiveness isn’t necessary large sign-on bonuses are offered.

Participating Dentists must agree to practice in the location for two to four years (dependent upon the program).

During the first 10 years of practice, dentists who practice in a Small Town will typically experience the following in comparison to colleagues who begin their career in a metropolitan area.

  • Less competition
  • An more appreciative patient base
  • Better employee/team satisfaction
  • Shorter work week
  • Higher level of Respect
  • Sense of Community
  • More disposable Income
  • Lower Cost of Living
  • Lower Overhead
  • Lower Stress Level

About Mary Fisher-Day

Founder and CEO of The Dental Business.

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