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How Does Efficiency Save Dental Practices Money?

Running a Successful Dental Practice is Stressful. You take good care of your patients and run a business too. You don’t take enough down time to enjoy your family and friends or to just put your feet up and close your eyes. It has been proven that stress can lower the immune system and make us more vulnerable to becoming ill. Who has time for that? Not you and not me! So, today I want to share our number one tip for lowering stress in your dental practice. I’ll sum it up in one word; Efficiency.

Efficiency comes from having systems in place to help your practice run smoothly. With the right systems, you will encounter less hiccups throughout the day and your practice will be much more profitable.

There is not nearly enough focus on how expensive it is to run an inefficient practice. But, we know time is money, right? And I’m not just talking about the Doctor’s time. I’m talking about the time it takes team members to perform tasks in an inefficient manner. Trust me, it adds up.

Following is a good example of how inefficiency is expensive: If you are not accepting insurance payments electronically, you are paying one or more team member(s) to open envelopes, organize and enter checks, stamp the checks for deposit, fill out the deposit form and likely to take the deposit to the bank. Electronic Deposits take ¼ of the time or less.

Take away I hope you receive from this example: Depositing paper insurance checks costs more via overhead, accepting paper checks makes leads to lost check and will leave you vulnerable to embezzlement. Also, did I mention that electronic payments are received in half the time of paper checks? There’s that too. ????

This is just one example of many “systems” that increase efficiency, decrease stress, and save money.

If you’re like most dental practice owners and managers, your practice could use a boost in this area. Imagine how much less stressful your work day would be if your practice was more efficient. Imagine a happy team because their jobs are less stressful because there are systems in place allowing them work more efficiently. Imagine enjoying time with your family and friends. Imagine putting your feet up and closing your eyes at the end of the day without worrying about your practice. This is exactly what we at The Dental Business strive to see our clients achieve.

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