Fun party image. Does your practice need dance parties?

Could Early Morning Dance Parties Boost Productivity?

I recently learned of a dental practice that has two minute dance parties, prior to their morning huddle everyday. The team loves it. Imagine the positive energy this brings to the practice! What do you think? Would this work for your practice? Check out the article below.

Early Morning Dance Parties Boosting Productivity

Mary Fisher-Day
Founder, The Dental Business

(CNN) – Not many people come to work right after a party, but there’s a new movement that’s got people doing just that. They’ve come to get mentally and physically energized before starting their day. “Yoga class was awesome. It was everything I thought a yoga class should be real relaxed just had the nice music, good vibe then all of a sudden it just shift gears,” said Justin Edwards. To this, a full-fledged early morning dance party happening in an historic part of Atlanta. The concept started in New York and now it’s become a worldwide movement, it’s called Daybreaker. “An opportunity to experience people commuting, music, health and wellness in a space that was alcohol free and really design an intentional community for those that want to wake up early and bring energy to a space and then bring it back to their work,” said Organizer James Andrews. It’s not only a mind, body and soul experience, but also an opportunity to network with professionals on all levels. “I found in the Daybreaker community that there’s a great mix of corporate folks and the start up community,” said Kat Cole, president of Cinnabon. Copyright CNN 2015

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