Helping patients accept needed treatment

Helping Patients understand and accept needed Treatment

Education and a Sense of Urgency are paramount when providing needed treatment to a patient.

Sit down and look your patient in the eye to discuss your diagnosis and the treatment recommendation. This will increase their level of trust in you, and substantially increase your treatment plan acceptance rate.

Use an intraoral camera to show patients what you see, and if you have it available, show an educational video relating to their treatment needs. Patients must understand that there are consequences of NOT having needed treatment.

Educate, Motivate, Communicate and be considerate. These actions will earn you the respect and trust of your patients!

Note: Approximately 50% of patients who leave without making an appointment will not call back. Clinical Team members should reiterate the importance of having needed treatment while walking the patient to check out. This will prompt the scheduling coordinator to make an appointment before the patient leaves. If the scheduling coordinator is on the phone or with another patient, the clinical staff member should make the needed appointment.

Maximize appointment time while you have the patient in the chair. In doing so, you will save the patient time and your consideration of their time will be appreciate. This is the kind of experience that leads patients to tell their friends and family about your practice.

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