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The Two Most Under-utilized Words in Business are

The Dental Industry is no exception. Throughout my career as a Consultant, I’ve spent countless hours with dental team members and one of the questions I ask is, “what aspect of your job gives you the most satisfaction”? Recently, I placed a poll on Social Media asking which of the following is most important to …

Image of a Dentist and satisfied patient with white teeth. What will set your practice apart in 2017?

What Will Set Your Practice Apart in 2017?

What Will Set Your Practice Apart is the quality of “customer service” your patients receive. Providing Great service in a Caring Environment will turn a First Visit into a Loyal Patient for years to come. Your Patient’s Experience with your office isn’t solely based on what happens during their dental appointments. Their initial impression is formed …

Are you a Leader or a Manager?

Are you a Manager or a Leader?

There is a Difference Between Managing a Team and leading one. Leaders don’t simply ensure tasks are completed; Leaders inspire with actions.   Tips to Providing Leadership for your Team Good leadership skills are important for all Business Owners and Managers. I want to share with you some skills I believe to be important to …