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A Note From Mary

When you think you can’t afford to hire a practice management coach or consultant is when you need one most. If your practice is in need of a consultant/coach, find one that will work with you on payments. Our clients see their investment repaid many times over and in a very short period of time. Why wait for tomorrow, when you can see results today? For more information on our services, see our website at or email us at .

At The Dental Business we welcome ideas, comments and questions for future blog posts. Do you have an idea for a compelling article that you think would help other dentists or dental practice owners? Is there something about your practice that you need extra help with or that you’ve always had a nagging question about in the back of your mind? We can help! Contact us by phone, email or the form on our “Contact Page.” One of our team members will review and get back to you shortly. We welcome your input and value your business!

Our mission is to make the dream you have for your practice a reality. We provide the tools and support you need to get there.
We understand the variety of challenges you face as a practice owner. With over 30 years of experience in the dental industry, we also have insight into the way every practice is different, and we know that solutions that work for one practice might not work for another.

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Founder and CEO of The Dental Business.