Photo of a drawing board illustrating how to Market Your Practice

Twelve easy and inexpensive ways to market your practice from the inside-out

Marketing from the inside-out is the most effective and inexpensive way to get new patients. Patient referrals are key. The key to keeping the patients you have and have them refer their friends, family and co-workers is letting them know you appreciate them. Below is a list of the 12 things you can do TODAY to market your practice at little or no expense.
  • Thank your patients for coming in and tell them it was good to see them. This is will go very far when a patient is trying to decide between you and another dentist.
  • Your patient waiting area should be inviting and peaceful.
  • Make every effort to see your patients at their appointed time. If they have to wait, they will be agitated by the time you see them. If you must make them wait, apologize.
  • Look patients eye to eye when speaking. This will create a bond and build trust.
  • Never make a patient feel stupid for asking questions. Make sure your team follows this rule as well.
  • When having a casual discussion with a team member in the presence of a patient, always include the patient in your conversation.
  • Your patients’ time is important too. If you can save them a trip by doing one extra procedure, do it…it’s more cost effective for everyone involved.
  • Treat every patient the way you want to be treated. When you’re with them, give them your undivided attention. They should feel like the most important person in your office.
  • Ask your Team to abstain from wearing perfume. Many people are allergic and they won’t say anything about it…they just won’t come back.
  • Patient’s should see that your team respects you and their co-workers. If they see tension of any kind, they may not come back and certainly won’t refer friends and family to you.
  • Having nicely framed posters in treatment rooms is an inexpensive way to promote your services. Display posters of services available in your practice. i.e.: InvisalignTM, 6 Month Smiles, implants and implant restoration, whitening services, specific cosmetic procedures and materials, same day crowns, oral cancer screening etc…
  • My favorite and number one tip for inexpensive and yet, very effective, marketing is: Make your own post op phone calls and give your patients the unexpected. This will go further than you can imagine and will tell everyone they know about you.

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