Image of a small town vs a big city

Large City or Small Town?

The vast majority of students coming out of dental school want to practice in large cities, while small town populations often struggle to find a dentist within a 30 minute drive.  For this reason, some states offer an incentive program to dentists who agree to practice in small towns. There are often programs in which student loans can be reduced or forgiven, or large sign-on bonuses given to dentists who agree to practice in the area, for a minimum of 4 years.

Here are some benefits to practicing in a small town or rural area:

  • Loyal Patient Base
  • Loan Forgiveness or Bonus
  • Loyal Team
  • Level of Respect is Higher – Held in Higher Esteem
  • Quality of Life
  • Less Competition
  • Lower Stress Level
  • Sense of Community
  • Higher Income Level
  • Lower Cost of Living
  • Lower Overhead

About Mary Fisher-Day

Founder and CEO of The Dental Business.